What We Do


The Motorsport Agency, Inc., is a full service automotive + motorsport communications, marketing, sponsorship and event management firm based in Canada.​

For over fifteen years, we’ve worked with corporate clients, auto shows, track day organizers, motorsport drivers and professional teams throughout North America to develop and execute both advertising and marketing initiatives with a focus on providing a tangible consumer experience resulting in an increase of brand awareness, customer loyalty and sales. ​Click to learn more about our Motorsport Marketing Services.​


Automotive manufactures select our agency to connect their brands to new customers. ​

We work directly with OEMs or dealer groups to safely offer an experience outside of the dealership using on-target partnership locations, or race facilities. With our approach to consumer engagement, story telling and impression seeking; we have successfully worked with brands to elevate and transform the customer experience resulting in new sales. Click to learn more about our Automotive Programs.


AutomotiveWoman is the digital persona of our Founder, Juliana Chiovitti. ​

As a vocal woman in the male dominated automotive and motorsport realm, Juliana uses her social platform to simplify the narrative, and brands call on her to develop content related to vehicle reviews and purchasing. Click to learn more about AutomotiveWoman.

FASTLANE Lifestyle of AutomotiveWoman

FASTLANE Lifestyle by AutomotiveWoman is your #1 choice in “quick” detailing. Juliana developed FASTLANE quick spray to be fast acting on race cars, but not harmful on luxury-performance vehicles. Growing up on a go-kart track, and during her transition from karts to cars, Juliana was tasked with ensuring her sponsor logo’s and machinery was clean and presentable. In 2019, Juliana launched her FASTLANE product line, which is geared towards both automotive “track day” enthusiasts, and motorsport teams. ​Shop FASTLANE Lifestyle by Automotive products.



About Our Founder

Juliana is a well accomplished & respected automotive + motorsport public personality and entrepreneur.​

Juliana grew up on a go-kart track in Sutton, Ontario, Canada where she quickly became immersed in motorsports. Following in her older siblings foot-steps, she won her first karting race at the age of 5. This victory ignited the spark which would fuel Juliana across the globe as she represented her country for the next two-decades.​

At a time when worldwide female racers were limited to less than a handful, Juliana’s fearlessness, ambition and unwavering determination through her professional motorsport career helped pave the way for future female drivers. ​

To this day she’s still one of the most accomplished kart racers in North America.

Juliana has been a well-known public figure in the motorsport, and now automotive industry, for many years. Her sought after opinion and outspoken personality have brought her many guest appearances in public events and medias, such as guest appearances on Mandy Moore’s MTV Show in Florida, featured race car driver in the video game PlayStation CART Fury, judge in the Discovery TV show Canada’s Worst Driver, multiple collaborations with Toronto Star newspaper and Wheels.ca, invitations to represent automotive manufacturers as a professional guest driver and instructor at multiple events.​

She has been a successful businesswoman in the automotive and motorsport industry for over a decade. She runs The Motorsport Agency, Inc., as well as being a social media and consumer influencer with her digital persona #AutomotiveWoman.


From track day organizers, to VIP Client Appreciation Events, to full turn-key Corporate-Executive Training seminars.

There is no job to small or large which we have not managed on behalf of distinguished Manufacturers, or luxury/performance Dealership Groups.

Brands we have worked with include:

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