Automotive Programs

The car buying experience has evolved, and with it, the way consumers engage with automotive brands.

Consumers are learning more online prior to walking into dealerships, and in most cases are more informed when it relates to their vehicle needs, and wants. ​​

But how has the digital era of online vehicle shopping impacted the car buying experience? ​

Some experts suggest “virtual” test drives are the way of the future. ​

Although at some level we agree with this prediction, no “virtual” experience replaces the emotional feeling you experience when driving your “dream” vehicle. ​

At, The Motorsport Agency, we have spent years re-envisioning and specializing in the elevated customer “test drive” experience. ​

  • We focus on targeted likeminded brand partnerships to introduce one customer to two brands.​
  • We focus on track day experiences which highlight a brands true driving form.​
  • We focus on the experiential side of a brand.​
  • We focus on emotions. ​

Whether you’re a singular dealership, or multi-tiered Group, contact us to discuss evolving the way your future clients experience your brand.

Inquire about one of our driving programs:​

  • Women ONLY Executive Driving Programs​
  • Dealership Product Launches​
  • B2B Driving & Entertainment Event Partnerships​
  • Performance Track Day​
  • Auto Show Exhibitor Management ​

Contact us now to speak with one of our experts.​