Automotive Woman

As an automotive and motorsport influencer, Juliana utilizes her digital persona, AutomotiveWoman, to simplify the world of cars.

When hosting vlogs related to car reviews, how-to tutorials or product tests, her streamlined approach to brand messaging is often encouraged by digital audiences. ​


CAR REVIEWS. Please connect with us anytime if you have a car, truck, classic or specialty vehicle you’d like reviewed. We currently accept vehicles in the following locations: All of Ontario, Montreal & surrounding area, Quebec City, and Ottawa. Special arrangements can be made for Western Canada, North American and our International friends. Email to arrange a review.

HOST. Whether it’s hosting an in-store event, track day, meet & greet, product launch or media event. Juliana has the experience to engage with all audiences to ensure customer satisfaction.

MONTHLY NEWSLETTERS. Utilizing our green screen studio, AutomotiveWoman is able to create a custom and interactive monthly newsletter for your dealership. ​

PRODUCT TUTORIALS. In addition, using our studio, we can customize how-to tutorials for your clients with branded content which reflects your products in a digitally enhanced environment.​

Have another idea in mind?​

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